Which Shopify Plan Is Best For You? (February 2018)

Shopify is a complete e-commerce shop builder that allows you to start an online store and sell goods. But if you don't need a lot of advanced ecommerce features, and if you live with the payment processors that Wix has to offer, then it is not a bad option for you. For eBay, Shopify only has an app to help you import your products from eBay, but won't integrate with your eBay store.

Option d): Use it if you need a great e-commerce platform with access to customer support … just in case. They set up a killer onboarding process and welcome email sequence that walks customers through the exact steps they need to take to be successful during their free trial.

Customers are smart, especially nowadays that a lot of online scammers and thieves exist and take advantage of people's needs. To really catch the eye (and the leads) of people on your website, set up an evergreen webinar on something you know many of your customers are interested in. Bonus points if you can squeeze some urgency in there.

Option b): Use it if you don't have any design, coding, or website building skills, and you don't want to hire anybody to set an e-commerce store for you. Yes, Squarespace's own e-commerce tools allow you to sell digital products. In addition to the features above, Shopify Plus also comes with many other benefits that help Hong Kong ecommerce businesses looking to grow their business beyond the region.

Shopify tells the truth about their shopping cart and the online store apps, which are owned not by Shopify but rather by third-party app companies. Just like Shopify scaled their business and grew 10X in three years , through content marketing , you too can acquire more leads and increase your income.

Since there is no barrier to entry, any payments company can create add-ons for WooCommerce and provide support for it. The benefit of using Shopify though, is that they are a pure” ecommerce builder and have a lot more advanced tools to help you scale your online business.

Free apps are usually created by third party services that have their own pricing, and the app only integrates your store to their APIs. However, in order to be listed as an Expert on Shopify's website, the Expert does have to meet certain minimum criteria in terms of experience with the platform.

At the end of your trial, or when you decide to launch your store, you will need to pick a plan and enter your payment information. Our professional skill set, strategic approach and high level of business understanding makes us an attractive digital partner.

Once your business starts growing, you can simply upgrade your Shopify plans. Shopify Plus also offers 200 TB worth of storage, which is… more than you get with Shopify's normal plans. Your eCommerce store built in Shopify should be set to English as the default language.

Some ecommerce platforms are inherently better when it comes to search engine optimization ( SEO ). In a study of the SEO scores of 16 shopping cart platforms , Magento came out on top with Shopify and Woocommerce tied for a close second. BTW, the $9 plan from shopify doesn't allow you set up a full online store.

With Shopify, it's all pretty much intuitive, and your store setup shouldn't be any harder than registering for a forum. Shopify has a huge variety of apps, plugins what is shopify and integrations (1,400+ in total) that customers can tie in with Shopify's platform. The apps serve as plug-ins for your eCommerce store, additionally simplifying store setup and functionality.

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